10 North Water Street
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 531-6887
10 North Water Street
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 531-6887
(203) 532-9411
Hours Of Operations
Monday - Saturday
7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
Outstanding! The food, the wine, the music, the atmosphere and the parea. A wonderful evening!!
I had lunch at the restaurant this weekend and was pleasantly surprised by the make-over. It had been months since I came to the restaurant but I don’t think I’ll ever wait that long to come back again! I love the atmosphere you have created - The dining room is beautiful! The food is fresh and full of flavor. Easily the best Greek restaurant in the area!
Great pizza at this place!
David B.
Manhattan, NY
Love the pizza-- my absolute favorite pizza in Greenwich! Also love the chicken souvlaki pita and their salads (with chicken) as well. Enjoy taking my family there.
Naperville, IL
REAL GREEK!!!!! Delicious food and great atmosphere! The family sure knows hospitality!
They have fantastic gyro's
GREAT pizza. GREAT salads. AWESOME Greek food and soups. Enjoy Johhny Cales coffee too! Enjoy the family atmosphere!